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Interplast manufactures plastic pipes and fittings to the very highest specifications, for use in water supply, heating and sewerage systems and covering a broad range of applications in the areas of house construction, technical projects and industrial facilities. The company aims to design, develop and market products and integrated solutions that cover the needs of modern construction and improve quality of life, by building a relationship of trust between the technical world and the consumer public.

The Group’s central offices are located in Komotini, coordinating the day-to-day manufacturing activity of the industrial units. Plastic pipes and fittings are manufactured at facilities covering 40,000 sq m located in the industrial area of Komotini, and Interplast’s Customer Services for South Greece are located in an area of 6,000 sq m in Menidi, Attica, together with the brass fittings plant of its subsidiary company, ELVIOM.


Brass products Factory
Kefalovrisou 23, 13 677 st. Monopati, Acharnai, Athens, Greece
Plastic factory
Industrial area of Komotini, 69100 Komotini, Greece
Offices / Exhibition
El. Venizlou 9B, 57 001 Thermi Thessaloniki, Greece