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Dry screed high efficiency under-floor heating system

Interplast has developed and offers a specially processed gypsum fiberboard, which main feature is the easy and quick heat transmission.

Interplast embodied these special gypsum fiberboards in the systems of Under floor heating which is producing and is offering to the market a new revolutionary low profile, dry screed of Under-floor heating

The Interplast is the only company in Greece that provides a complete package of materials for the installation of heating, with 30 years warranty on plastic pipes for floor heating and 10 years in all brass fittings. 


  • System height from 4 to 6 cm including the final floor. Basic feature of the system is the special gypsum fiberboards which are produced under pressure from special gypsum which is reinforced with cellulose fibers and specially processed with hydrophobic additives for moisture resistance.
  • Ideal system for insulating building floors from air carried sounds.
  • Ability of placing any final floor.
  • Ideal system for old and new residences.
  • Flexible PEX MD 10mm pipe with high thermal conductivity for energy saving.
  • Immediate heating distribution and elimination of inertia phenomenon. Due to its small mass and its high thermal conductivity as a system (pipe and board), it heats the room instantly. It distributes heat 8% quicker than the typical heating radiators.
  • Compared to the typical under-floor heating systems it saves up to 20% energy and 50% compared to the heating radiators. The new system achieves almost the same heat output per square meter with the typical under-floor heating systems and, at the same time, contains 60% less water in its hydraulic network.
  • Low weight. The total weight of this system is 20kg/m² without the final floor, instead of 90 kg/m² of the typical ones.
  • Certified system output with standard thermal conductivity coefficient which does not depends on other factors (e.g. thermal concrete).
  • The new system does not needed.
  • No drying procedure is needed.
  • Low floor thermal expansion.
  • It is combined with all heat sources.

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