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The structure of the material and the smooth texture of the surface ensure low friction losses resulting in low resistance and low pressure drop in the piping. The material used presents a greatly reduced noise factor and restricted transmission of noise through the pipes. Thus plastic pipes of smaller cross-section can be used for the same quantity of water. Aqua-plus pipes are manufactured in cross-sections ranging from 20 mm to 315 mm, in straight 4 meter lengths. Our producing colors are green, white and grey.


  • Pipes and fittings display high resistance to hydraulic shock (at pressures greater than 130 bar at ambient temperature).
  • Lifespan of more than 50 years for temperatures of 20-90° C and operating pressure 6-26 bar.
  • Peak temperatures of 110οC at 4 bar operating pressure do not affect the Aqua-plus system.
  • Exceptional resistance to corrosion. Very good performance even in areas with very hard water.
  • Low thermal conductivity makes it possible to reduce heat loss in the hot water networks.

Certifications:  SKZ Germany, WRAS Great Britain, AENOR Spain, ZIK Croatia, GOST Russia, SEPRO Ukraine.

PN 25 Fittings Certifications:  SKZ Germany. 

Tests:  ELOT, General Chemical State Laboratory. 

Guarantee:  10 years covered by the ALLIANZ insurance company, to a sum of up to € 3,000,000. 

Pressure (bar)Safety Factor
70o50  8.51.5
80o50  6.41.5
EN 12202PP pipe dimensions and required quality testing
DIN 8077PP pipe dimensions
DIN 8078Required quality testing
DIN 8076Metal parts of fittings
DIN 16962PP fittings, construction and testing
DIN 1988Potable water applications
DIN 16928General guidelines for system applications using thermoplastic materials
DIN 4109Reduction of noise in building installations
DIN 2999PP fittings with internal metal parts
DVS 2206-7Heat-welding of thermoplastic materials
DVS 2208Machinery and parts for heat-welding




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