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Operation & Advantages


Geothermics involve the utilization of the energy offered by the subsoil. We take advantage of the fact that the earth, at a relatively low depth, maintains a steady temperature throughout the year. By using a geo-exchanger, a piping system we place in the ground, a geothermal pump and an under floor system, we can heat any house in the winter and cool it in the summer.


In the winter, the water-glycol mixture in the external circuit absorbs the stored energy of the ground and with the aid of a pump we achieve water temperatures of 35-45ºC, sufficient for the operation of under floor heating.


In the summer the system follows the reverse procedure; it conveys heating from the building to the geo-exchanger.


Low cost of operation, because 70% to 80% of the energy required for heating-cooling is absorbed by the geo-exchanger, the operating cost of a geothermal system is extremely low. 

Environmentally-friendly, as it does not exhaust energy sources and does not produce emissions (zero CO2 emissions). 

Free spaces, as all it requires is a small and compact pump. 

Zero maintenance, the geo-exchanger does not require maintenance; only the geothermal pump needs a check from time to time. 

Noise-free and safe operation


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