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Founding of company Interplast whose main preoccupation manufacture of plastic pipes and plumbing and heating components. Production of pipes Como pex, Como flex and Spiral Protection.


Acquisition of the first certification of Quality Assurance System in accordance with standard ISO 9002. Production of pipes and Aqua plus accessories.


Acquisition of German SKZ certificate for mechanical strength of PEX pipe and PP-R.

Acquisition of SOLPLAST company. The Interplast expands its activity in South Greece supplementing its product range with pipes and sewerage fittings from PVC.

At the same time becomes the first company in the sector of plastic pipes that participates in the International Fair Mostra Convegno in Milan, showing the export-oriented.


Acquisition of the British WRAS-NSF certificate for suitability of PEX pipes, PP-R and PE pipes for drinking water.


Redemption of the company ELVIOM, company with great history of producing brass fittings which was founded in 1954 and was the first company in the industry that participated in international ISH fair in Germany in 1973. The Interplast completes its range of products, producing more integrated system for building water supply, heating and sewerage. At the same time, taking advantage of the existing clientele ELVIOM abroad, expand its export business.


Acquisition of Spanish AENOR certificate for mechanical strength of PEX pipe and PP-R. Absorption of subsidiary SOLPLAST and function as a branch of Interplast in Athens.


The Interplast completes its participation in a large number of Olympic projects as the Olympic Village and many hotels that are renovated in view of the upcoming Athens Olympics as the historic Hotel Grande Bretagne.


Company participation in the largest exhibition in the sector in the Middle East, the BIG 5 in Dubai


Purchase of new laboratory equipment. The laboratory in Komotini becomes one of the most modern laboratories in Europe.​


Acquisition of the German DVGW certificate for suitability of PP-R pipes in drinking water.


Completion of the largest investment in the history of Interplast, 8 million €, concerning extension of buildings and purchase of machinery for production of pipes and drainage fittings Polypropylene.


Placing on the market the new range of pipes and fittings Polypropylene sewer under the brand name Atlas plus. The Interplast becomes one of the few companies in the world to acquire a certificate from the German SKZ which concerns PPR fittings.


Announcement of a new series of products aimed at the Renewable Energy Sources. Underfloor Heating, Heat Pumps, Solar is one package that gives solutions and contributes very effectively to Energy savings.


Large expansion of the series of Aqua Plus mainly in large sections while presenting new useful accessories such as hydraulic separators, plastic valves, check valves, etc. collapsible links


Notice of great cooperation with company Knauf presentation new system Underfloor Heating low profile, drywall. A few days after the company announced a strategic partnership with Brass Form, Greek company operating in brass fittings. The products of both companies are presented in Climatherm, in March 2014.


Introducing the new soundproof Polypropylene piping system, which will be marketed under the trade name Atlas Plus Echo-silent, showing the depth and value of the ancient Greek language, as the English word Echo comes from the ancient Greek word 'Ηχώ'!

At the same time, a five-layer pipe is presented, the intermediate layer of which contains high-quality aluminum, of Greek production, while the main raw material used is PE-Xb, which complies with European and American regulations and has been approved for its exports. Como Pex in the United States of America and Canada. The new pipe will be available under the trade name Como PexALPex, complementing the already successful Como Pex range, honoring in this way, the city of production of the product, Komotini in outermost Thrace.


Brass products Factory
Kefalovrisou 23, 13 677 st. Monopati, Acharnai, Athens, Greece
Plastic factory
Industrial area of Komotini, 69100 Komotini, Greece
Offices / Exhibition
El. Venizlou 9B, 57 001 Thermi Thessaloniki, Greece