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Specialized seminars are successfully organized on a regular basis aiming at training and informing heating and plumbing technicians, consultants and a whole range of technicians in the building industry on new methods, sophisticated new products and the latest advances in technology. 

The topics of these specialized seminars are related to the organization, infrastructure and development of the company, placing special emphasis on presenting the full range of the Interplast products for water, heating and sewerage systems, as well as demonstrations of innovative new products and new ways for securing quality control for products and services

The seminars can be held either in the specially designed seminar room at the Komotini plant, where it is also possible to demonstrate how our pipes and fittings are manufactured on the production lines, or at the workplace of the interested parties. In the effort to save time and money, many businessmen prefer that these services are made available, where possible, at their own premises. 

For further information on our annual program and the topics of the seminars, please call us either at 210 6209909 or email us at


Brass products Factory
Kefalovrisou 23, 13 677 st. Monopati, Acharnai, Athens, Greece
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Industrial area of Komotini, 69100 Komotini, Greece
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