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Having built up a significant network of clients throughout Greece as Interplast, succeeded very active and abroad, showing a steady uptrend in most foreign countries.

With primary concern enlargement of customers and markets both locally and internationally take part each year in internationally recognized industry exhibitions such as ISH, in Frankfurt and Mostra Convegno, Milan.

The dynamics and our constant investment and the export our products to more than 35 countries around the world, from Denmark and Germany as Canada and the United Arab Emirates state that "development does not stop!"


Brass products Factory
Kefalovrisou 23, 13 677 st. Monopati, Acharnai, Athens, Greece
Plastic factory
Industrial area of Komotini, 69100 Komotini, Greece
Offices / Exhibition
El. Venizlou 9B, 57 001 Thermi Thessaloniki, Greece