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Aqua Plus Prins

Interplast with a constant passion for innovation offers the Aqua Plus Prins insulated system by industrializing the isolation of hydraulic networks & fittings. The new product, designed for outdoor, indoor and underground installation, offers certified energy saving, time resistance, remaining unaffected by mechanical loads, humidity and solar radiation. The new system exceeds the insulation requirements of K.EN.A.K. and offers smaller linear expansions.

The pre-insulated Aqua Plus Prins system was awarded by the Hellenic Academy of Marketing, taking first place in the Made in Greece competition, as the most innovative product of Greek production for the two years 2018-19.

Advantages of Aqua Plus PRINS:

  • Uniform insulation from solid Polyurethane. Its density is greater than 60Kgr/m3, in accordance with EN 253. 
  • Universal filling of all surfaces. As a result, liquefaction and air entrapment phenomena are avoided. 
  • High-quality PVC, white color stabilized for solar radiation, lead-free, class B - s2 - d0 in terms of non-flammability and with added smoke suppressants.
  •  Self-extinguishing material, does not spread the fire. 
  • The new pipe has smaller expansions than copper (0.016 mm/m/oC). 
  • The excellent thermo-insulating properties of Polyurethane (λ=0.021 W/mK) have as a result the reduction of losses from 63-138% compared to those provided by K.En.A.K. 
  • Long service life. 
  • Zero Maintenance. 
  • Insulation constant λ. 
  • It is a waterproof material. 
  • It is not attacked by insects and rodents.

To find technical manuals, promotional materials, certifications and warranties, visit the Downloads page


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