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The pipes and fittings of the Aqua-plus system are non-toxic and perfectly safe for drinking water and foodstuffs.

Testimony to this is the fact that most food packaging is made of PP-R, the same material used for the Aqua-plus system.

Aqua-plus pipes and fittings are officially certified for their suitability for drinking water and for hot water networks by SKZ German, DVGW Germany, WRAS Great Britain, AENOR Spain, ZIK Croatia and GOST Russia.

According to the tests to which Aqua-plus pipe is subjected, the relative lifespan diagrams under pressure and increased temperature as well as the properties of the material render the Aqua-plus system suitable for heating installations.

A very good solution in terms of combination of materials can be achieved by using the Aqua-plus pipes with aluminium for the main water intake and return paths supplying heating water to the manifolds of the central heating system, and Como-pex cross-linked polyethylene pipe from the manifolds to the radiators.

Like all materials, Aqua-plus pipe requires special care during installation at temperatures near 0oC. However, from the moment it is installed and operating, the elasticity of the material in conjunction with the relatively high wall thickness ensure that the Aqua-plus pipe will perform better than any other conventional material (e.g. metal) with frozen water, thus limiting maintenance costs for the installation.

Even though a full line of bends (45ο and 90ο components) is available, as well as a “V” bypass for vertical pipes, if necessary the pipe can be heated to 135ο C by use of the special hot air device.

Plastic pipes generally should not be exposed to solar radiation for long periods of time. In cases where an outdoor installation is required, the pipes should be protected by means of external insulation or painted with plastic paint. Visible pipe in indoor installations (e.g. basements) need not be covered.

Generally speaking, plastic pipes present greater thermal expansion and contraction as compared to metal.

This is why for long straight pipe lengths measures should be taken against thermal expansion and contraction by use of expansion fittings, supports and joints (e.g. flexible arms). In lab tests Aqua-plus pipe presents a linear expansion of 0.5% as compared to the 2% limit set by regulations.

When the pipe is embedded in concrete it follows the general rule for plastic pipes, i.e. it expands not in length, but inwardly. This is why it is recommended that even when installing pipes in masonry the thickness of the plaster should be 3cm.

In visible installations for hot water plumbing and heating installations, it is recommended to use the Aqua plus pipe with aluminum which has contractions similar to those of metal pipes.

The controls our products are subjected to begin with acceptance of raw materials, various materials and packaging materials inspection. This is followed by testing of the final products including dimensional and visual checks, testing under pressure and temperature, thermal memory tests, impact tests, checking at the stage of packaging and sampling control at the stage of storage.

The Aqua-plus system has been designed for a lifespan of at least 50 years under non-stop operation (24 hours – 365 days) and high temperature (70oC) and pressure (8.5 bar).

If someone punctures a pipe by mistake in the Aqua-plus pipe and fittings system, we can repair the damage quite inexpensively by use of a special item (7/11mm nail).
Should we, for any reason, need to repair a pipe presenting a crack or break at a certain point of its length we can use an electric welding muff or a brass tightening coupling.

A major advantage of the Aqua-plus system is that the smooth inner surface combined with the properties of the material ensures that electrochemical corrosion and salt build-up do not take place (as is the case with metal pipes). The pipes remain unaffected over the course of time, thus rendering operation of the installation more economical, with no problems or need for replacement.

The Aqua-plus pipe & fittings system is covered by a 10-year guarantee with Allianz Insurance against damages owing to substantiated material failure, to the amount of €500,000 per incident and up to 3,000,000 € per year.


To find technical manuals, promotional materials, certifications and warranties, visit the Downloads page


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