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PP-RCT pipes

Interplast, having an innovative character, strategically produces and promotes the latest generation of PP-RCT polypropylene pipes, which can be described as ¨ The future of plastic piping ¨

PP – RCT is a polypropylene of random polymerization of modified dual core crystallinity.


  • Higher tolerance from the classic PP-R, as this is specified in EN 15874 and DIN 8077 (especially at high temperatures).
  • The PP-RCT, according to the European standards, does not show a transition and change of inclination in the logarithmic diagrams of hydraulic tolerance, due to its excellent behavior during aging.
  • Excellent behavior with chlorine.
  • Reduced wall thickness with greater strengths.
  • Bigger quantity of transported water and  better pressure drops compared to SDR 6 + 7,4.
  • Higher hydraulic efficiency of networks
  • Use in demanding district heating systems, even when the supply temperature is 100°C.
  • Metal deactivators
  • UV stabilizers 


According to DIN 8077 the PP-R, in temperatures 80°C with SDR 7,4 for the duration of 25 years will withstand 6,2 bar, while PP-RCT, at a temperature of 80°C with SDR 9 for the duration of 25 years will withstand 8.6 bar.

Important Notes

  • PP-RCT pipes are certified for their mechanical strengths by MIRTEC-EBETAM and for drinking water networks by WRAS.
  • All three layers should be of PP-RCT. Pipes where only the inner layer is made of PP-RCT cannot be certified.
  • Production potentials in SDR 17 from 125mm up to 315mm.

To find technical manuals, promotional materials, certifications and warranties, visit the Downloads page


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