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Quality Assurance During The Production

The mechanical equipment used for the manufacture of Aqua-plus pipes and fittings assures quality of products at the utmost degree. Apart from the usual mechanical equipment for pipe manufacture, Interplast production lines are equipped with the equipment listed below, ensuring that the consumer receives a final product of the highest quality.

In this way the intake of the Extruder is stabilized for raw materials that easily absorb humidity, thus eliminating the problem of altered dimensions which is a quite frequent phenomenon in several pipes of the competition.

Thus we achieve steady weight per meter in the manufactured pipe, which means steady dimensions. This is the first part of ensuring and maintaining the dimensions of the pipe.

A system where the desired limits of the pipe’s wall thickness are automatically regulated by means of the extruder. This is the second part of ensuring and maintaining the dimensions of the pipe.

This is the third and final part of electronic testing. The accurate measurements of the LASER SCANNER ensure proper fitting of the pipe to the fitting during heat welding.

In addition to all the above, the following aspects provide a guarantee for top quality Aqua Plus pipes and fittings related to hot and cold water installations: 

The mechanical equipment is specially designed for PP-R pipes and fittings, in order to prevent undesirable pre-cross linking and failure in homogenization.

The outer diameter is checked by means of a strap gauge, wall thickness and oval of pipe by means of an electronic thickness gauge. The measurements are entered daily in the ISO reports after the end of the laboratory testing. After the results are evaluated the order is given for distribution.

By use of the device for thermal self-welding, the fit of the pipe to the fitting is checked.


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