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Properties - Advantages

They have been designed for a lifespan of over 50 years, at temperatures up to 80oC and operating pressures 6 to 26 bar. Peak temperatures of 110oC at 4 bar operating pressure do not affect the Aqua-plus system.

High pressures owing to pressure surge leave the Aqua-plus system unaffected; the system can withstand pressures greater than 100 bars at ambient temperature.

Compared to other conventional systems, Aqua-plus can offer up to 30% quicker installation.

The thermal conductivity of PP-R is very low, enabling reduction of thermal loss in hot water networks.

The material is resistant to most chemical substances, even at high temperatures making it suitable for use in industrial networks.

The Aqua-plus system presents exceptional performance to mechanical strain. The high mechanical strength of the system in conjunction with its elasticity even at low temperatures renders it suitable for all climatic conditions.

The Aqua-plus system is exceptionally resistant to corrosion, even in areas with very hard water, remaining unaltered over the course of time. In contrast to metal pipes, it does not present any signs of electrochemical corrosion. Moreover, high water velocity does not cause corrosion. All the above is augmented by the fact that in the Aqua-plus system there is not a single point of contact with metal, as the male brass inserts are internally lined with PP-R.

The structure of the material and the smooth texture of the surface ensure low friction losses resulting in low resistance and low pressure drop in the piping. This renders the installation more economical, as smaller cross-section pipes and lower wattage pumps can be used for the same quantity of water. Moreover, Interplast manufactures PN 25 fittings, with a greatly reduced local resistance factor in comparison to ordinary PN 20 fittings leading to the optimization of system flow.

The material used presents a greatly reduced noise factor and restricted transmission of noise through the pipes. This enables the use of smaller pipe cross-sections to carry larger quantities of fluids, increasing the flow velocity of the network, resulting in an increased thermal load.

Aqua-plus is free of toxic substances. Sanitary and toxicological analyses have been carried out to ensure approval for drinking water. The pipes are regularly tested by official institutes (State General Laboratory, WRAS-NSF Great Britain, GOST Russia, ZIK Croatia) for taste, water odour, development of microorganisms, extraction of substances and metals dangerous for public health (cadmium, arsenic etc.).

The pipes are regularly tested by official institutes for mechanical strengths and suitability for drinking water. (ELOT Greece, State General Laboratory, SKZ Germany, DVGW Germany, AENOR Spain, WRAS Great Britain, GOST Russia, ZIK Croatia, SEPRO Ukraine).

Interplast offers a guarantee for a period of 10 years against damages owing to faulty production of pipe and fittings at the amount of €500,000 per incident and up to € 3,000,000 per year.


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